Day Two(hundred and fifty-seven thousand)

25 Mar

I managed to escape my parents’ house last night without totally stuffing myself and ruining the day.  They get so worried when I don’t eat, so I decided to eat *everything* but just not a lot of it.  It still managed to add up when I put it in my food journal, so I’m glad I’d gone lighter during the day.

Today I really wanted a Jamba Juice at lunch, but I realized I was just thirsty.  If  I had the Jamba as my main meal, without drinking something else, let’s just say it would have been a very calorie-heavy thirst quencher.

I listened to Bethanny Frankel’s “Naturally Thin-whatever” audio book last week.  Her main advice can be boiled down into the following:

  • Your diet’s like a bank account
  • Taste everything, eat nothing
  • You can have it all, just not all at once

It really does seem simple enough to follow those rules, but other than just thinking about how they make sense, I can’t say I’ve really put them into practice.

The other thing I’m trying to work on is to stop eating when I’m not hungry.  If I don’t get frozen yogurt because I’m full, it doesn’t mean I can never have it ever again.  This is hard.


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