Blonde Glambition

21 Sep

I like to think more than do.  On Sundays I fantasize about laying my clothes out for the week, but that’s never happened.  I buy pieces I adore in the store, and then never wear them.  I ponder accessories, but can’t pull the trigger when push comes to shove.

In my mind I’m glamorous perfection but in reality I’m more hobolicious.

It’s fun to think of what you could be, what you could look like, the kind of style you’d have “if only.”  If only I was 10 pounds lighter, if only my skin was clear, if only my chest wasn’t so big,  if only I had time to groom myself like I imagine I would if money and  social responsibility weren’t considerations.

It’s also dangerous as hell because you get caught up in what you want to be and not who you are.  Like my parents warned, time goes by so quickly.  I know that in decades to come I’ll realize that my 25th year was wasted on someone who couldn’t appreciate her strength and beauty because it didn’t measure up to some false belief in perfection.  I wonder if I can change that now and avoid the regret that so often comes with wisdom and age.

It’s always worth reminding myself (and you) that, “Your life has already started. You will never get this time back, this day, this moment, this week – they are all gone. If you want to waste the time you have left waiting[…]that’s your option. But if that’s how you’ve been living – aren’t you tired of that? You DO have a choice, a choice nobody can ever take away from you – you can live an amazing life right now.”  Ragen Chastain

I choose amazing.  Who’s with me?


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